In 2009, Derek Hallquist and Austin Pritchard founded Green River Pictures, LLC.  Our company started in Burlington, Vermont and moved to New York in, 2012.  We now serve clients locally, Nationally and Internationally.   We produce content for web, TV and theatrical distribution streams.  Whether you are a small business in need of video content, or a large production company needing crews for on location production, we can help you capture captivating content without the headache.  We are now run by Derek Hallquist and you can check out his credentials below.  We work with specific freelancers depending on the production.

New York
Always excited to try something new and innovative. Ready to take on anything!
Over two decades of experience behind the camera, but one can always improve and learn more!
Spent the past two decades learning motivated lighting. He works for hours to create a natural looking interview and scenes. This is challenging and always a learning process.
Learning more and more, but it takes a lifetime of experience to fully understand directing.
Organized, thinking ahead and ready for all the challenges that come along with any production!
Always edits with a team of editors as a director, but defaults to their experience. He loves to get into the timeline and work with scenes. He is experienced in both Avid and Adobe systems.
UAV/Drone Pilot
Became a pilot out of frustration. Many pilots do not come from a background in cinematography, so they lack the ability to create usable shots to build a scene for editors. Always learning with over three years of experience.
Team Player
Always learning to work better with a team and accepting of all the different people out there, but will not tolerate bullies, sexism, racism or bigotry.
Started working with computers at a very young age and ability to problem solve with the many challenges technology brings along with its innovation.

As the technology has evolved, he has learned new processes in lighting and shooting techniques to better serve his collaborators.  This includes spending 3 years mastering aerial cinematography with UAV drones, shooting in various new codecs and learning how to be an editor.

2018 Producer/Director/Editor Corporate Car-T Boston

2017 - 2018 Producer/Director/Editor Corporate CTE Video Series

2017 Producer/Director/Editor Live Event Ciderstock

2013 - 2017 Director of Photography Documentary Orchestrating Change

2015 - 2017 Aerials/Additional Cinematography Documentary The King

2016 Cinematographer TV The Great Songwriters

2016 Producer/Director/Editor Education Safe Sleep With Your New Baby

2016 Producer/Director/Editor Live Event Ciderstock

2007 - 2016 Producer/Director/Cinematographer Documentary Denial

2015 Cinematographer TV Imagine - Jeff Koons

2015 Producer/Director/Editor Live Event Ciderstock

2014 Cinematographer TV American Greed

2014 Cinematographer TV Imagine - Bette Midler

2014 Director of Photography Commercial Woolf for Congress TV Ads

2014 Producer/Director/Editor Live Event Teens and Technology

2014 Producer/Director/Editor Live Event A Fire Never Extinguished

2012 - 2014 Producer/Director Film (Short) Young Ice

2012 - 2013 Additional Camera Documentary In Real Life

2012 - 2013 Director/Editor Live Event The House I Live In - Panel Series

2011-2013 Camera for Remote Shoots TV The Chew

2013 Director of Photography Film (Short) Go Digital or Go Dark

2012 Director/Cinematographer Commercial Internet Predators

2012 Stage Camera Live Event Grace Potter Record Release Show

2011 - 2012 Producer/CInematographer Film (Feature) Winter's Wind

2012 Director of Photography Education Olney School

2012 Director of Photography Documentary Back Water

2011 Ski Camera Documentary My Really Cool Legs

2011 Producer/Director Live Event Friday Night Fights - NESN

2011 Producer/Director/Editor Corporate Vermont Brewers' Festival

2011 Producer/Director/Editor Education Folk School Method

2009 - 2011 Director/Cinematographer Documentary The Opiate Effect

2008 - 2011 Director of Photography Documentary The House I Live In

2010 Producer/Director/Editor Commercial Will Gates PSA

2010 Producer/Director/Editor Corporate Saint Michael's College

2009 - 2010 Cinematographer Documentary Freakonomics

2009 - 2010 Camera Operator Documentary Reagan

2009 Camera TV (News) Monster vs. Vermonster

2009 Director/Cinematographer Corporate Rock Art Brewery

2008 Cinematographer Film (Short) Barbe Visage

2007 - 2008 Director of Photography TV My First Home

2007 Camera Operator TV Mysterious Journeys

2006 Camera Operator TV My First Home

2005 Director of Photography Commercial Save The Beer

2005 Director of Photography Commercial Smoking Guns

2005 Assistant Director Film (Short) The Mirakle

2005 Additional Camera TV Beyond The Bull

2004 Writer/Producer/Director Film (Short) Ruthless

2004 Camera Operator Live Event Election Night With John Kerry

2004 Camera Operator TV Democratic News Service

2004 Camera Operator TV Charlie Rose