In these unprecedented times, Green River Pictures is offering Virtual Graduation Video Services. Let’s work together virtually and create innovative experiences for your school community.

Graduation is such an important event for communities, students, their families, and educators. Although, this year, we can’t be together to celebrate in person, we have the opportunity to create a ceremony that is extremely moving outside the confines of a live event. In the production world, we call this a “look-live” production.

Working together with your school we can create:

  • A pre-photographed and edited video that is uploaded to youtube & facebook as a “Premiere/Watch Party”, allowing families to celebrate in the “new” together these times
    • Includes a production day at the school with administrators, student speakers and any other people that would be a part of the graduation ceremony;
      • Using safe distancing, masks, gloves and putting safety first; we would record videos with our professional TV/Film equipment.
      • Teleprompter with pre-written speeches included, so viewers feel like they are being spoken to directly while attending the virtual ceremony
      • Ensures the highest quality sound and video
      • Aerial drone footage of the school and any other professional footage requested for the ceremony.
    • Edit the footage compiled with other user submitted content and graphics to provide districts for final approval;
      • Such as: names of students, special announcements and audio reading of the list of graduates (also pre-recorded).
  • Most importantly, this gives us:
    • Complete security;
    • Accessibility for all; and
      • Including closed captioning (even multiple languages if needed)
    • Health safety for our communities, families, students, and staff

It also allows us unprecedented creativity with the video ceremony.

Students can submit their own pre-recorded songs, photos, or videos.

The flexibility of the format allows creativity to be the limit.

Customize the experience for your school community.

The package described above starts at $2,500 and we can price for

additional events, such as an Awards Ceremony available upon request.