While it is always best to have an Agency hire us to produce visual content, we also enjoy our many clients that we work with directly to create award winning content for screens large and small.  Check out our services and call us to captivate your audiences, or engage new clients.


For many productions, we work with agencies, but sometimes there is not enough time for complete development of an idea through an agency. When we work with clients directly, we spend time developing an idea as part of the process. This can be a few hours or a couple days. In order for the best production outcome, this process is important whether it is done with us, in-house, or with and Agency. Once a concept is developed fully, we fully engage our team to prep a production. We find locations, crew and the exact equipment needed to best achieve the finished version of this concept.


Working with the correct crews and equipment, we are able to work anywhere in the world, maybe even out in space (not yet though). We have worked in many parts of the world with on-location fixers who natively speak english. We also have experience getting specialized permits and insurance through our talented vendors. Whether it is a simple local shoot, or on the Arctic Ocean, we are able to get the right people and equipment together and achieve award winning results.


We have award winning experience shooting professionally for Television Broadcast, features, short films, social media and webisodes. The technology has evolved to the point where there are now specific cameras for each look and job. The only thing that has been consistent is the "glass". With a preference for Angeniuex, we also use Zeiss, Fujinon, Canon and many other lenses out there. Contact us today if you just are interested in hiring a cinematographer, the co-founder Derek Hallquist has over a decade of experience shooting for directors and producers.


Whether is is a feature film that requires additional editing in Avid Media Composer, or short turn-around on the Adobe Creative Suite, we have Editors that work with us in-house, who understand workflows. Our beautiful, sound-proof, edit suite in Saratoga Springs, NY has worked in tandem with directors and editors in New York City, Manhattan and London.


We hire the best sound crews available and often bring them with us when travel is required versus hiring locally. It is great to hire local crew, but sound is essential to a great production. Once we have locked picture in the edit, our Award winning teams in New York City and Los Angeles join us to create an immersive world with composed music, sound effects and sweetened voices.


As the drones started to become a part of production in 2014, we quickly started to educate ourselves in safety and regulations. Now, there are drones for almost any production available. Whether you need a shot that goes from interior to the top of a mountain, or epic cinematic visuals, we have the experience to capture it on the first take in multiple weather scenarios.